Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Going deeper

I was in the library yesterday when a group of women came in. They were wearing cycling gear and had just been out together cycling around the hills. I overheard the following snippet of their conversation:

"Janet's just been cycling the Loire Valley in France."
"Oh really," her friend replied. "How long did that take?"
"She said she didn't know, because she got lost a few times."

This made me smile. It seems to fit in with my ideas about the winding path of life. Perhaps some of the best bits of the journey are seen when we are technically 'lost'.

Yesterday I went to a funeral of an amazing woman who was only 49 when she died. The funeral chapel was packed - there must have been around 400 people in attendance. Alison had been a key member of the local tennis club for over 20 years. What surprised me was that she'd never been on a plane. She'd not gone far from home at all. On her bucket list was a trip to see her brother in Perth. Unfortunately the cancer meant that she never got to tick that item off the list. And yet, for a woman who travelled so little, she achieved a huge amount. Hers was not a wide influence, but the development of very deep connections that few of us will attain. I only knew Alison for a short time but her life has made a big impact on me. She has made me re look at the depths of my relationships. I was blessed to know her.

Today's thought is:
How can I go deeper in my relationships with friends and family and the wider community?

So often Lord I'm looking over the next hill. Help me to see what's around me right here and now.

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  1. I love this Sue - it's so true that depth has a lot of impact. :o) I will add you to the chch bloggers list on my blog too and I think the best way to grow (a blog) is to make those online connections. Visit people, follow, leave comments. As you find more you like you'll find more via their blogs too. x